When spring comes along we forget miserable winter days

I guess I was a bit out on my news last week regarding the ice clearing out of Francois Lake.

I guess I was a bit out on my news last week regarding the ice clearing out of Francois Lake.

It cleared out a bit sooner than I had expected.

The heavy wind the other night started it moving. Still a few chunks floating by. It’s sure great to see the open water again. A few fisherman trying their luck. I understand a few char have been caught.

Impressive service

On Sunday last there was a very impressive church service at the Grassy Plains Gospel Church. Rev. James. B. Houston, Superintendent for the Associated Gospel Churches, from Calgary, took the service. It was a very impressive sermon.

Jim, as he likes to be called, is the Canada West Superintendent. After the service we all gathered for a soup and bun lunch and a visit.

At 5:20 p.m. there was a pot luck supper at Jeff and Rhonda’s home.

All the members of the congregation came for supper plus a very nice visit with Rev. Jim. It was a very pleasant evening almost like one big family talking over old times and enjoying everyone’s company.

Meeting report

It’s been sometime since the Southside Women’s Institute have given me a report of their meeting, but I was given one this morning so I will pass it on.

On April 16 the women’s institute members met at the SEDA Centre to view the new quilt that will be raffled off in September at the Fall Fair.

By all reports this quilt is very beautiful, this will be the first prize.

The second prize will be a patterned lap robe and the third prize will be a diamond-quilted table runner. Each month several ladies from the Southside Women’s Institute have what is called a bun day at the Pines.

They take bread dough to the Pines and they bake the buns right there. The smell of the fresh bread fills the rooms. This must bring back old memories of baking bread in their old homes. The residents which are several former women’s institute members get to visit with old friends and enjoy the afternoon tea.

On Apr. 21 some of the Southside women’s institute members attended the annual general meeting held in Hazelton at the Mountain View United Church. There were five of the local members attended. They joined members from Quick, Glenwood and Hazelton. There were tables displaying crafts from each women’s institute as well bring as you buy as well as competition items.

The Southside Women’s Institute took first place in four out of the six competitors to win the shield for the second straight year.

Forget winter

Although there is still a bit of snow around folks are getting their flower gardens ready. As the old saying goes, “Hope springs eternal in the human heart.” When spring comes along we forget those miserable winter days and start and get ready for spring.

Nasty flu

There is still a nasty flu going around and a head cold that’s making folks quite sick. As the old boy said, “If it ain’t one thing, it’s always something else,” so maybe he could be right.

Old friends

What a pleasant surprise yesterday down at the post office to meet up with my very good friends Karen Raryk and Daryl Critchlow. They are back at their home at Mill Bay after spending the winter in Yuma, Arizona. They had such a wonderful time. They report that there are lots of B.C. folks also spending the winter there.

Little sparrow hawk

Last week while I was standing by our big front window I heard a terrific bang upon the glass.

It seemed that a small sparrow hawk was chasing a bird about the same size, a blackbird. They hit the window at the same time and both were killed, but what a bang. The little bird had white specks like snow flakes. I have never seen one like that before.

Smart meters

Like many other residents I am awaiting my new power bill from this new metre we have had pushed upon us.

I for one, have one. It will be something to look forward to. I have cut out the electric heat, shut off one deep freeze, put in the new power saving bulbs and shut off the night light so the house is in darkness which I don’t like, but I’m going to see now what is going to happen with my next bill.

I will let you know.

Fond memories

As I was checking out the barn last week I noticed hanging there my dads old saddle.

He bought it in 1914 from Riley and McCormic in Calgary. It’s a double rig and still usable. I must oil it again. On the left on near side he had hanging on the stirrup leather a small bucket for his peg leg as he only had one leg.

I look back to my years a little kid and remember the many miles I rode in the front of my dad and he had big leather coat he would tuck me in. I have a picture mother gave me long ago with her note on it, ‘Little Hugh at three years old riding with his dad.’ That is now over 86 years ago. What wonderful memories this old saddle holds for me. Dad had a rope on the off side and a bull whip on the near side they were always there, what a man and what a horse.

It’s no wonder I have a love of horses branded into my heart. The little mare we rode was called Dolly. She was my first school pony when I was six years old. Here is a little poem dad used to say to us about his old homesteading days, “Oh, land of the plenty, oh, land of the free, oh, land of the grasshopper, bedbug and flea, oh sing loud its praises and boast of its fame, while starving to death on my government claim.”

My thought for the day

Middle age is when a man is warned to slow down by his doctor instead of a policeman.

Take care and have a safe week and always remember God loves you and so do I.