White Swan Music Fest was great time and lots of fun

The first day of summer was a great day and it felt really like a nice warm summer day. Maybe summer has come.

The first day of summer was a great day and it felt really like a nice warm summer day. Maybe summer has come.

A bit scary to think that we have passed the longest day, they say the 21 is the day.

Then we start going back again.

Fuel prices

The price of fuel sure hasn’t slowed down the tourist traffic. There are some really big rigs on the highways. I bet they gobble up the fuel.

There was a big outfit stopped by the Wagon Wheel and he invited me to visit in his motor home.

It was huge, he even had a bar set up. So I said to him “a home away from home.”

He said it was, as this was their home. They were from California, but they sold their home as there was too much with break-ins so they sold their home and got this big outfit.

Now he told me they move with the climate suits them best. They were a great couple and really liked to visit. This kind of life is not for me as I like to lay down roots.


The National Aboriginal Day celebration as per usual went off just great.

I was told this was the biggest and the best. By the number of vehicles I guess it was.

The Spirit Square, Radley Beach was such a wonderful place for something like this. It just filled the bill.

A celebration such as this opens the doors for us all to understand the Native culture and to take an active part in it. I must congratulate those with long hours of hard work and planning to make such a day for all cultures to enjoy. Hats off to you.

Good to be home

It’s a very happy feeling to have our daughter Kathy and our two granddaughter’s Robyn and Jordyn from northern Ireland.

So far they are busy visiting family and many friends. My home was very lonely, but once more it’s a beehive of action, which is wonderful for me.

Kathy and her girls are great company and good cooks. Although our family is scattered we are very close and for that I am very proud of them all. This is what is called a God’s given gift.

Water level

The lake level is still going down, it dropped 17 inches in less than a week. Good news.

Senior housing

The good news is and it’s great news that the Southside seniors housing project is moving forward. This will be such a boost to the Southside.

Also what a beautiful location this will be. It will be a shot in the arm for our old timers to retire too. A number of our old timers have spent a lifetime in the Southside and to have to move would be very difficult for them at this time.


Canada Post strike is starting to work a hardship on us all.

When it’s at last over it will be a job to get it started back to normal.

We do not deserve this. There will be such a backlog for everyone. There should be a law against something like this to work such a hardship on everyone. Every day it’s a hardship.

Our mail service is so very important to us and we rely upon it and then have it taken away is a disaster and big time.

Folks have over due bills which I have and I don’t know where or who to pay and there are lots of folks like me just wondering what to do.

Good job

John Keefe a very thoughtful and caring man is keeping the church yard tidy and clean.

He has kept the grass cut around the St. Luke’s Church.

This building is now closed, but at least the yard is nice and clean. It seems the Anglican anarchy are no longer interested but still hold the strings of ownership so this little building is vacant. Sad but true.

The finances we did have are gone as well so without funds it would be hard to start again.

We would all like to get it going again for all to worship but time will tell in the future.

There is an old saying and I quote “The mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.”

Fun day

Saturday and Sunday were busy days as we were at the White Swan music festival at Francois Lake.

It’s such a great place for a festival. There were some great singers there and all having a great time.

Bryan Worrall and Lone Spur played on Saturday and Sunday evenings. When all the performers get together it’s like one big family with lots of visiting.

It seems that every year lots of the same singers come out. The weather plays a big part in any festival and it did this year.

This really effects the numbers of attendees and it sure did this year. It was too bad as so much work goes into a festival of this size.

Every one of the singers are gearing up to the big Grassy Plains festival. This is also going to be a big one. So make an effort to come out, it’s going to be the best. Lots of top notch performers will be there.

A big thanks to Bob Whips as Master of Ceremonies as he does a great job of it.

He did the Fraser Lake festival and he will be doing the Grassy Plains.

Good to see the rain

We needed the rain and big time, but let’s hope it knows when we have had enough.

Schools are out now and lots of youngsters will be out on bikes and walking on the busy roads so slow down, you could save a life.

There is an old saying; the older you get the more precious life is.

Take care, have a great holiday but take time and enjoy it all as we may pass this way but once. Always remember Gods loves you and so do I.