Wolves are causing havoc for local farmers

I have been told that once wolves get started on killing cattle they will not stop.

I will ask my readers to be patient with me for a little while until I get back in the swing of things again. Christmas has come and gone but it always leaves so many wonderful memories of family, friends and just how we can remember the true meaning of Christmas and what it means to us.

On Christmas eve there was the most delightful Christmas service held at St. Lukes on the lake. It brought back so many memories of the years now gone back. It’s been so many years. The little building was decorated with such a lovely big tree and lights in the windows. Also new drapes on the windows donated by a very kind lady. A number of top of the line musicians who brought guitars for the carol singing, some of the players came from Southside and they are so welcome. Thank you so much. After the service a lunch was served which really went over big too. Many, many thanks to the wonderful folks who donated their time to organize the whole evenings service that went over so well. After so many years it gave us all such a great feeling to once more have a Christmas service at our little church. One thing that stands out was an almost life-sized figure of Joseph and Mary and the cradle. These were made I would guess 40 years ago but they look like they were just made, the colours are still bright. I was given the honour to read the Christmas story. Once again I would like to thank all those who made this wonderful evening possible. I would like to remind folks that there will be a service in St. Lukes once a month, time and date will be posted. You will enjoy the service. There will be a short message plus lots of music and singing. You will be made most welcome.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s is upon us. Another big turkey dinner and more visiting too. This is the time of resolutions that are not kept but it’s fun anyway.

Our friends would trade off, they would have Christmas dinner with us and we would have New Year’s dinner with them. This custom went on for years. It was always a fun time. Francois Lake was always known for its New Year’s dance and Clemretta has more or less taken over now and is well known for their dances. The driving and drinking laws have made a number of the local halls close down. More folks are having their parties at home. Maybe a good thing. Times have changed.

Sunday last we had the Grassy Plains gospel church choir entertain us with some good old gospel hymn singing. They always make us feel at home as they like to visit too. From the Tweedsmuir House they go on to the Pines. The singers always leave everyone feeling good and look forward to their coming back again. Music and singing always help pass the time.

So far our winter has been wonderful when we hear what the rest of Canada is getting, we are so fortunate so far. Which is the best the ice on the roads and parking lots or have the heavy snow. So far it’s unseasonal for the Lakes District.

Already we can notice the days getting bit longer. There is an old saying that goes like this “As the days get longer the cold gets stronger.” This year it’s going to tell.

We took over the general store and post office at the landing at Francois Lake October 1941. We had left Saskatchewan and this was a good move. It was a general store as we sold everything as my dad used to say if we didn’t have it you didn’t need it. All the freight came from Vancouver by Beach Truck Lines once a week. There was a need for a taxi service as the only taxi service was in Burns Lake run by Andy Anderson. He also had the mail run three times a week to Francois Lake. So in 1946 we were in the taxi business and it went well.

Before I got into the business the First Nations people from the Southside would use teams of horses, some would come over 40 miles. It was a long hard trip so they were happy to have a taxi service. They were good customers for me.

When a taxi service came into the picture it made things much more convenient and much easier. There was a pasture bordering our place so the they would lead the horses there and hire a taxi into town for mass. They would be away for a couple of days and away back home. We had a very good relationship and respect for the First Nations people.

The stopover is now gone and I missed the many visits I used to enjoy.

Winter is here again

We got a bit of winter on the third with a snow fall to cover the ice a bit. It’s mild again today so maybe we will lose it all again. There is an old saying “Only fools and newcomers forecast the weather.” So I guess we will just take everyday as it comes.


Charlie and Sheri Peebles, local ranchers in our district, are facing a wolf problem and this can be serious and a financial loss as well. Last week Sheri went out to check the herd and saw three big adult wolves in among the cattle. There were three other packs howling close by. So far no damage as they could tell.

They have a big herd, it’s hard to tell if any loss. It’s been many years since this problem has come up. That year the wolves came into the landing here and killed a yearling calf. The wolves were very bold that year.

When Charlie and Sheri brought their cattle in from the summer range they noticed three calves damaged very badly.

There are so many deer this year folks are wondering why the wolves are killing the cattle as the deer population is so large.

I have been told that once wolves get started on killing cattle they will not stop.

Christmas and New Year’s is behind us but the wonderful memories will remain for a long time.

Remember always God loves you a lot and so do I. Have a good year.