Wow I think winter is upon us…and so far so good

Here we go another week coming along. So far winter has been good to us. Although a little more ice than we would like to see.

Here we go another week coming along. So far winter has been good to us. Although a little more ice than we would like to see.

PG hospital

Yesterday my son Mark took me to the Prince George Hospital for some x-rays. Is that hospital a busy place, a good thing they have some good guides there or a little old guy like me would get lost.

I guess to be modern it has to be big and big it is. Lots of nice folks working there. The roads were just wonderful and very little snow which made it a great trip and very pleasant. Although Mark is my son we don’t get to visit that much as he is very busy with the ferry and his home life. It made for a nice trip and nice visit too.

Stinky visitor

John Keefe whose home is on the church corner had the surprise of his life last week when he opened his front door there was a skunk waiting to greet him. It was a big boy but was not in any hurry to leave. It seemed he was checking out the bird feeders John has on his front step. In a few minutes Mr. skunk headed for the lake and was gone.

He was quite friendly and never left any smell when he left. We have not had skunks in our area for years so this was kind of odd to have this fellow come in so close to a house. Years ago we had lots of them around the landing in fact one cleaned out our sons chicken house.

Bird food

Our Mountain Ash tree was just loaded with its usual red berries. They are very pretty. As it was getting late I was wondering if any birds would be along to clean off the trees. They did come just a big bunch came in and did the job in a matter of minutes. These are crested grosbeaks so the book says. Every year they come and clean off the mountain ash trees and we also have an ornamental crab tree and it was loaded as well and they cleaned up that one too.

Poppy fund

Yesterday I went across the lake to collect the poppy containers that I had left with the various places of business; medical centre, cafe, the Grassy Plains school, the Cheslatta band office, Waterbridge, Francois Lake school, Takysie Lake Store and cafe, and Northside store. They were all very generous with their giving for such a wonderful cause. On behalf of the legion I would like to thank you.

Every time I cross on the lake and coming back I can’t help but notice the skeleton of the old Jacob Henkel ferry. It makes me sad to see what at one time was the pride of our lake now a derelict rusting itself away.

When it was in use it was such a pretty boat as it plied it’s way day and night, summer and winter back and forth.

As Jacob Henkel was my late wife Josephine’s grandfather, she had the honour of launching this ferry. She was so proud and I prize the picture of her as she launched it.

This all happened in 1949 when she launched the Jacob Henkel. Later on that year on Sept. 10 Jo and I launched ourselves into a new life for over 60 years. This was the best thing that could have happened to me as I treasure every minute of our life together.

Winter is here

This sure looks like winter has really come. This storm seems to be all over Canada and some places it’s been very severe. The plows have kept busy and doing a good job too. I am not looking forward to the snow but it’s here to stay.

On the prairie we used to look forward to the snow. As they didn’t have snow plows the cars had to be put away and the teams of horses and sleighs would come out. Everyone had lots of bells on the teams, it was a great sound.

You could hear who was going by the sound of the different chiming bells. I still have a set of bells. Lots of visiting and lots of music. They were really fun times. We thought nothing of going ten miles for an evenings entertainment.

No TV to distract us in those good old days. They were hard but as I look back they were good too. I guess we made our own fun.

Every time I pick up a paper the headline is Enbridge this and Enbridge that. Meetings on Enbridge now focused on public opinions. It looks to me like they are going to wear it out. Big money talks and for my personal opinion if Enbridge wants to put in a pipeline they will put it in regardless.

There is too much money at stake to stop, mark my words.

Sick minds

In our last paper in big letters we see “Vandals do $55,000 in damage.” The vandals are criminals and big time and should be treated as such.

What goes through a sick mind. Wes Bohmer the manager of Native Logging has stated that the Christmas bonus that so many of the workers rely on for their family Christmas will have to be cut off this year.

The reason is the emergency vehicle will have to be replaced as well as other damages. The emergency vehicle is a must for the workers safety.

No wonder the crews are angry as this bonus means so much to their families as they depend on it for Christmas. Don’t these criminals have a conscience. I feel sorry for them.

On the next page is the report of a big robbery at a home on Driftwood Drive over $7,500. Another criminal act right under our noses… is any home with your belongings and treasures safe anymore?

Let’s hope the police locate these thieves as this kind of thing has to be stopped and big time.

Last week I wrote up the arts program on Nov. 10. I mentioned the generous donations but I slipped up in not mentioning the helpers and workers behind the program who make it all happen and it’s so important. Thank you all so much.

Take care and have a safe week. Slow down as the life you save might be your own. Every day remember always God loves you and so do I.