Council chooses name for new street

Name same as Beatles song

Burns Lake village council has taken up a local resident’s suggestion for a name for a previously-unnamed road in the village.

And it’s reminiscent of a Beatles favourite.

According to information presented to council at its June 12 meeting, Audrey Read has property off of Center St. and First Ave. with access via an unnamed short piece of road from First Ave.

She wanted a name for that access to provide not only an address for utility billing but as a geographic reference for emergency assistance if required.

Read subsequently submitted four suggested names to council:

– Penny Lane

– Read Road

– Birdview Lane

– Audrey Lane

Council was presented with the option of choosing one of the four or coming up with its own name.

In the end, it chose Penny Lane, reports mayor Chris Beach.

Fans of the Beatles will also note it’s also the title of one of the group’s better known songs.