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Jay Knutson is performing in Burns Lake - get your tickets


Jay Knutson is coming to Burns Lake on May 19. Do you have you have your tickets yet?

He is a founding member of the iconic folk band Spirit of the West, has been involved in the recording of more than 50 albums, with seven solo albums and collaborative efforts alongside Canadian luminaries like Connie Kaldor, Hart Rouge, and Daniel Lavoie.

His accolades include West Coast Music Awards and contributions to five Juno award-winning projects.

In addition to his impressive discography, Jay Knutson has been a dedicated educator, sharing his passion for music and physics during a 12-year tenure at Simon Fraser University. His course, titled “Logarithm and Blues,” created with Dr. Mike Hayden, exemplifies his commitment to merging music and academia. Moreover, Jay served as a musical and creative director for The North Shore Celtic Ensemble for over two decades, leaving an indelible mark on the ensemble’s artistic direction.

Since 2017, Jay has continued his musical journey as an integral part of Early Spirit, showcasing his enduring dedication to creating resonant and meaningful music. His multifaceted contributions, both as a performer and an educator, highlight Jay Knutson’s lasting influence on the Canadian music scene.

He is on a a northern tour and he hits Burns Lake this Sunday. Look for the ad in this issue of Lakes District News. Don’t miss it - tickets can be purchased at Wild Roots Flowers & Gifts.