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Lakes Artisan Centre closing down after 13 years

Last day of business will be Dec. 24; Beate Marquardt
Lakes Artisan Centre is closing down after 13 years due to slow progress of recruiting young artists and lack of members. Their last day of business will be Dec. 24. (Saddman Zaman photo/Lakes District News)

The Lakes Artisan Centre of Burns Lake is drawing its curtains after 13 years.

Beate Marquardt, one of the founding members of Lakes Artisan Centre, said their last day of business will be Dec. 24.

The art center’s decreased number of cooperative members is the main reason for its slow end, and recruiting young artists to join has been difficult.

During the last three years, several of their group members moved away from Burns Lake. Presently, they only have six working members and one supporting member working from home.

Marquardt said some members wanted to be closer to their adult children.

“The decrease in member numbers resulted in an increase in monthly contributions by the remaining members to cover the overhead.”

Member shortage also increased the workload to keep the store open.

Marquardt’s recent Facebook post stated that her remaining stone sculptures will be sold for half price. This post created quite a buzz among the residents.

She received comments on the post like, “That is the sad reality of life; Hopefully, you will find new homes for your creations; I am so sorry; It is such a loss for lakes area; Another gallery bites the dust, what a shame; Good luck with your sale.”

Lakes Artisan Centre has recently shared space with the Burns Lake Visitor Info Centre as of April 15.

She hoped their new location would positively impact recruiting new members, although that has yet to come true.

“This change in location doesn’t have anything to do with our decision to close the doors after Christmas.”