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Nominees released for Chief, Council positions in Lake Babine election

The nation will elect a new chief and and councillors in June
Regular voting in the Lake Babine Nation elections will be held on June 19. (Lake Babine Nation website photo/Lakes District News)

Lake Babine Nation will hold elections for a new chief and council positions in June. The final list of candidates has been released since nominations closed on May 15.

Six candidates have been nominated for the office of Chief. Murphy Abraham, Wilfred Adam, Frank J. Alec, Crystal Harwood, Louise Lacerte and Derek MacDonald are all standing for the position.

There are 14 nominees for four seats to represent the community of Woyenne. Shannon Alec, Michael Bertacco, Jason Joseph Charlie, Alexander England, Melvin Joseph, Cheyenne Longneck, Rosalie MacDonald, Fabian Michell, John A. Patrick, Victor Tom, Debbie West, Carleen Williams, Clarence Williams and Ronald Williams are the candidates for the four councillor seats.

In Wit’at/Fort Babine, 10 candidates are vying for two council positions. They are Myrna Madam, Lyle Michell, Brenda Patrick, Michael W. Patrick, Robbie Reid, Colin Sanyaz (Williams), Bessie West, Paul West Sr., Sonny West and Calvin Williams.

The five candidates standing for election for the two seats in Tachet are Dolores Alec, Elizabeth Charlie, Mildred George, Wayne Johnson and Kenneth Stevenson.

Erin Alec and Margie Rita Alec are the two nominees for the lone Nedo’ats/Old Fort seat.

Candidate forums are also scheduled for each council position.

The nominees vying for the four Woyenne seats will hold their forum on Wednesday, May 29. The forum for the five candidates for Tachet will take place on Thursday, May 30. The final forum on Friday, May 31 is for the 10 nominees seeking election to two seats for Wit’at/Fort Babine. Candidate forums are scheduled between 4 p.m and 9 p.m.

Eligible voters will be able to vote online starting on June 10. Advance polls will be open to in-person voting between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. on June 11 and between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. for regular voting on June 19.

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