Sledheads get your membership

Sledheads get your membership


To all you sled heads out there polishing your sleds buying all those accessories and dreaming of the upcoming sledding season there is one more thing you should do and that is purchase your snowmobile club membership.

A membership gives you discounts on your sled insurance and at numerous stores hotels and riding areas affiliated with British Columbia Snowmobile Federation.

For those who don’t know why you should join or do not think it is important please go to Revelstoke Snowmobile Club and read the article on why we should all become members. A portion of your membership goes to the BCSF to help promote and protect sledders in BC the rest stays with your local club to help with infrastructure and and promoting the sport in our area.

Memberships are available at Lino’s Sales and Service, Outdoor Adventures and online at blsc-bcsf.silkstart.comfor more information contact Dennis Firomski at 250-692-6438 or


Dennis Firomski