Another incident at Unist’ot’en

Camp members say one or more intruders vandalized a checkpoint building.

Unist’ot’en camp members say the same pickup truck that blocked in one of their vehicles in January recently returned to the camp; and that one or more intruders vandalized a checkpoint building.

Freda Huson, Unist’ot’en camp spokesperson, said the intruder(s) broke a window, tried to jam a lock, stole information signs and a logbook. She said the pickup truck left as soon as camp members started approaching the checkpoint.

“It was the same white pickup with the white lights on top of its roof,” said Huson. “There are not too many vehicles like that.”

Camp members say that on Jan. 31, 2016, three pickup trucks aggressively blocked in one of their camp vehicles.

“Two [pickup trucks] turned around and high beamed from the front, and one [pickup truck] came in from behind and boxed it [a camp vehicle] in,” camp members described the January incident.

The late January incident allegedly occurred on Morice River Road near the seven kilometre mark.

Huson said Unist’ot’en camp members have reported both incidents to the RCMP. The RCMP did not respond to Lakes District News by press time.

The Unist’ot’en clan of the Wet’suwet’en has set up a protective camp south of Houston and has been physically impeding pipeline proponents such as Coastal GasLink and Chevron from entering their territory.