Ashurst Children’s Centre daycare to reopen next month

Lakes District Family Enhancement Society has taken over the daycare.

The Ashurst Children’s Centre daycare – one of several family and support programs transitioned to other service providers as part of the College of New Caledonia’s (CNC) restructuring – will reopen next month under new management.

The Lakes District Family Enhancement Society (LDFES) has stepped up to continue offering the daycare service in Burns Lake.

The daycare will be located in the same building – next to the Lakes District campus of CNC.

According to Scott Zayac, the new executive director of LDFES, keeping this daycare open means a lot for the community.

“This daycare has been opened since 1994… it’s part of our community,” he said. “It’s important for the students of CNC and for working families to have access to quality daycare.”

Zayac added that the new daycare will offer the same quality as previously offered by CNC.

He said the only disadvantage will be that before, parents could drop their kids at the daycare and attend one of the family programs offered at the Lakes District campus.

“It will be a little harder now because services are offered somewhere else,” he said.

Zayac said LDFES is currently working to get a licence and a full-time lease for the space.

He expects that the daycare will be fully operating on Sept. 6, 2016.

A daycare manager has already been hired and LDFES will be looking to fill four more positions in the coming weeks. Information regarding these positions will be advertised in upcoming issues of Lakes District News.

Although CNC made a series of cutbacks to address a deficit in its budget last year, the decision to transition the daycare and other family and support programs had little to do with money Рthe CNC board chose to move away from what it calls social programming to solely focus on education.

The Lakes District Family Enhancement Society has been actively supporting educational opportunities and services for families and children in the Lakes District for 24 years.