Denise Fuller with her new book, “Reflections: More Traplines”. (Miles Fuller photo/Lakes District News)

Denise Fuller with her new book, “Reflections: More Traplines”. (Miles Fuller photo/Lakes District News)

Author Denise Fuller publishes another book

The Burns Lake area local shares her experiences living the bush life

Burns Lake local, Denise Fuller, has released her second book in her Reflections series, titled “Reflections: More Traplines”.

Fuller published her first ever book in the series, “Reflections: In The Beginning”, back in September. The book was about her time right from her birth, to her move to Canada, her adventures, her finding love in the country, all the way up to the year 1990.

“It’s been really good. People have really been enjoying it and I have received a lot of response for ebooks,” said Fuller about her first book.

In her latest book, Fuller starts off from the time of their new trapline purchase in 1985 and explores more of her and husband Miles’ adventures upto 1990.

“This one is about purchasing several different traplines. It is about our adventures on those traplines; building cabins and everything. I believe there is also an encounter with a grizzly in it,” she said.

Fuller, who maintained journals, compiled those journal entries to form these two books. Writing the book was more like writing the diary for her since she already had a lot of things written down. What was tough though, was to make her experiences more universal and to boil down her experiences to the most relevant.

While the books have been in the making for a long time in the form of her diary entires, she said, “it doesn’t seem real,” when asked about having published two books within just a year.

Fuller wrote her first book “Let’s Talk Lynx” in 1988. She is planning to print more copies of this book depending on people’s interest. After her first book, She has also published two poetry books.

Both her poetry books and her books from the Reflections series are available in paperback, at the Lakes Artisan Centre in Burns Lake. Her Reflections series is also available on Amazon as an ebook and also as paperback.

Both the books in the series have detailed entries of her life working in the bushes. She describes her and her husband’s many adventures of trapping lynx, wolverines, otters and their many encounters with the wildlife. Fuller is now working on her third book in the series that will talk more about Lynx

“My family has been very supportive and cannot wait until the next one comes out,” said Fuller.

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