Gustav Heier and Lucas Blitt, bikers from Germany. (Laura Blackwell photo/Lakes District News)

Biking from top to bottom

Gustav Heier and Lucas Blitt, both from Germany are biking through Canada at the moment. The two stopped in at The Office Pub & Grill on June 29 for lunch and a mid day break. The two flew from Germany to Anchorage, Alaska on May 20 and started their journey. The two will bike from Anchorage to the far tip of Argentina.

The two of them feel it is the best way to travel, fast enough to get to place to place but slow enough to enjoy the scenery.

They do about 100 kms a day, which takes about five to six hours if everything goes well. They normally camp on the side of the road or at recreation sites but frequently people let them into their homes.

They joined an app called ‘Warm Showers’, it is just for bikers and it let’s them meet up with hosts that will offer them a warm shower or place to sleep.

Heier and Blitt said Canada has been so kind to them so far – a Smithers man gave them $20 and said they looked like they could use an ice cream, a Hazelton person bought them a meal and in Houston a Subway worker gave them cookies, a drink and a $10 Subway card.

When asked how it is dealing with wildlife they said it was fine but the scariest thing on the road they have come across is the semi trucks. They prefer the heat over cold and once they cross the equator they will experience some high altitudes – 5000 feet above sea level once the hit the mountains of South America.

The journey will end by October 2024. If anyone is interested in flowing them on Instagram, their account is espiramericana.

Seen here is DJ, Roco, Gustav Heier, Mat and Lucas Blitt. The pub staff took time for a photo opp and also gave them a nice discount on their lunch. (Laura Blackwell photo/Lakes District News)