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Black bear put down in Granisle

Conservation officers say it could not be relocated
Black bear wondering around the Village of Granisle. (Laura-Lee Hagan-Chadwick photo/Houston Today)

Conservation officers shot a black bear in Granisle Dec. 8 after determining it was not suitable for relocation or rehabilitation.

Officers determined on the course of action following several weeks of phone calls about a bear getting into garbage and fruit that was not being kept in secure containers.

“The bear continued to display food conditioned behaviour that showed a minimal fear of people, including repeatedly accessing garbage cans and entering carports,” indicated an email statement from the conservation officer service.

“This behaviour made the bear unable to be relocated or rehabilitated – the risk to public safety was simply far too great.”

“Putting down any bear is an unfortunate outcome that we work so hard to prevent,” the statement added.

Conservation officers continue to urge people everywhere to ensure that attractants such as garbage, pet food and bird seed are securely stored away from wildlife.

“The Conservation Officer Service also continues to work collaboratively with area officials and organizations to increase awareness and education around the importance of securing attractants,” the statement said.