British Columbia tops the health charts across the world

British Columbia is ranked the number one province in Canada.

British Columbia ranks third in the world for health performance behind only Switzerland and Sweden, and is ranked the number one province in Canada, according to the Conference Board of Canada’s  report card on health released recently.

British Columbia was the only province in the country to receive an A score overall.

British Columbians have a life expectancy of 82.2 years, which ranks  among the longest in the world. Out of 11 report card indicators used  to measure health performance, B.C. scored four A grades in life  expectancy; premature mortality; self-reported health status; and mortality due to cancer. Six B grades were scored in infant  mortality; mortality due to heart disease and stroke; self-reported  mental health; mortality due to respiratory disease; mortality due to diseases of the nervous system; and suicides.

The lowest grade B.C. received was a single C in mortality due to diabetes, and yet B.C. has the lowest diabetes prevalence rate in Canada.

The report also indicates British Columbians have such high health outcomes because of their healthier lifestyle choices, such as particularly low daily smoking and drinking rates and the highest population percentage that is physically active during their leisure time, along with the lowest obesity rate in Canada.