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Burn Lakes meat producer brings beef to the community

Priestly Meats is a beef farm in Burn Lakes

Priestly Meats and its owner Derek Feldman’s journey to raising and marketing beef started back in 1976, when his parents bought the farmland. His family was not doing much with the land and in the mid-nineties, he took over and started working on the farm.

After quite a few years of doing cow-calf operations, he turned away from trying to be a big-time rancher and decided to cut out the middle man to raise and market his own beef straight to the community. He went on to say that he loves the challenge of marketing and that his customers are awesome.

“If the customer can get it direct from the producer, they have a sense of trust and of course, that puts a lot of responsibility on me to give them a product that they can, trust in and my integrity is one of the things I’m offering,” Feldman said.

Working on a beef farm is hard work, bringing a variety of responsibilities. Feldmann said that can mean he takes on jobs like cattleman or veterinarian but also accountant and business manager.

“I love dealing with working with cows. I mean, it’s, it definitely comes with its challenges but, if it was easy everybody would be doing it.”

Feldman is hosting a steak dinner as part of the Burns Lake Centennial with all the fixing at Spirit Square on Aug. 18. Tickets are $30 per person with $5 from every meal being donated to the local food bank.