Mayor Luke Strimbold.

Mayor Luke Strimbold.

Burns Lake and area candidates have their say on what is important to them and our future

Village of Burns Lake mayoral and council candidates and Regional District of Bulkley Nechako and School District 91 Candidates.

Village of Burns Lake mayoral and council candidates – have your say by voting Nov. 15

Luke Strimbold

Prior to casting your vote on Nov. 15, I ask you to reflect on the accomplishments our community has recently achieved. Together, with collaborative leadership we can continue to realize our community goals. It is my priority to ensure fiscal accountability; adequately fund the maintenance and replacement of water, sewer, and road infrastructure; build trust and respect with First Nations; enhance opportunities in our community; provide leadership to strengthen our economy; and continue to build on engagement and transparency. It is time to elect the next mayor and council.

Deanna Brown

I believe in authentic community engagement; transparent decision making and a participatory economy; real and shared First Nation relationships including Hereditary and elected systems, and as well as bringing new forms revenues into our community with new industries and value added work. Economic development cannot be achieved without holistic development, and the focus needs to be brought back to the overall wellbeing of the community and shared opportunities to maintain and grow this place! I will build a community foundation that will be inclusive, holistic and sustainable.  We are stronger together.

John Illes

I believe that a community is built in stages – step by step and building by building.  I hope to put in place policy that will encourage the many small projects that taken together build a community. I believe this will build the Village of Burns Lake into an even better place to live. We must strive to make our community economical for residents to live in while at the same time looking at creative solutions to upgrade infrastructure in our community. I will ensure that the streets to the new hospital will be repaved and that our new water tower will be rebuilt.

Kelly Holiday

As the only independent business owner running for council, my focus will be defining who we are as a community, what we need to enhance prosperity, and how we will brand a marketing plan that reflects all we represent. Implementing our key initiatives secures Burns Lake as a meaningful specific on the Hwy 16 corridor. I will ensure this government makes empowering decisions which positively impact economic diversification, infrastructure development, community health and wellness and environmental preservation. I am a “do it now and get it done” personality who will work for accountability to you – the taxpayers, exceeding your expectations.

John Phair

Our shared climate is changing. This changes everything. We know we affect it, and we can reduce the problems. I believe Burns Lake Village Council should recognize officially the right of citizens to live in a healthy environment. I believe the Council should recognize and invite First Nation Hereditary Chiefs to the table when discussing all issues affecting people who live beyond the village boundaries. I will work to realize these goals, for the children and for Earth’s continued abundance. Before voting, ask your candidates where they stand on these issues.

Shelley Wall

Burns Lake is my home. My parents, children, and grandsons live in this community. If elected I will work for this community to ensure that we continue to enjoy the quality of life that comes from residing in a small community. In the next four years there will be opportunities and challenges and in making all decisions I will always consider the implications of my decision and put the best interests of the community first. I will work for you.

Susan Schienbein

Communication with the outside world is critical for the long-term stability of Burns Lake.  This area is rich with many cultures, resources, and diverse opportunities.  As your councillor I will work tirelessly to advance the profile and visibility of Burns Lake to attract new residents, businesses, and development.  I will treat and spend your tax dollars with the care that you expect and deserve.  A vote for Susan Schienbein is a vote for a councillor who is informed, prepared, and willing to take a stand on the hard issues.

Chris Beach

I’m running for Village Council because I want Burns Lake to continue to be a community where people can enjoy meaningful well paid employment, affordable housing, a pristine environment and myriad recreational and cultural opportunities. I will dedicate myself to improving our local economy by supporting policies that will create more jobs and attract more people to Burns Lake; rebuilding our water, sewer and road systems, by replacing aging infrastructure in a fiscally responsible manner; building meaningful partnerships with First Nations; and supporting local health care by working with Northern Health to attract staff and doctors to our beautiful and functional new hospital.

Charlie Rensby

My mandate is simple. Support and represent every citizen of Burns Lake and encourage sustainable growth without harming the environment or business. We have a diverse community with diverse problems and perspectives. All social and cultural demographics have to work together, towards a common goal, for a brighter future for us all. If elected, I plan to work with all groups in the community and listen to their concerns. I will work tirelessly for sustainable solutions. It’s not the important issues that divide us, it’s how we solve those issues that defines us. Our community, together.

Frank Varga

Fiscal responsibility – I will ensure continued open transparent governance and public engagement through public forums. Long Term Economic Sustainability – I will ensure the development of an economic diversification strategy through community promotions and regional initiatives. Investment in Municipal Infrastructure – I will ensure that we develop a strategic plan to replace and upgrade aging infrastructure. We have made great strides in this community through building of the Multiplex, the re-build of Babine Mill, Downtown Revitalization, Love Burns Lake Small business initiative and the new Hospital to name a few. Join me in building for the future to build a brighter tomorrow.

Regional District of Bulkley Nechako and School District 91 Candidates – Voting Day Nov. 15

Eileen Benedict

Colleymount has been my home for over 50 years, I am the fourth generation to live on the family ranch.  I am passionate in making this area a viable area to live, our economy is vital to retain our young people.  From 1995 to 2011 I represented Area E, there were a number of significant accomplishments, that I was instrumental in achieving. Over the years I have worked with, other local governments, as well as the province and federal levels of government. I will continue to communicate and advocate for the people.

Quinten Beach

My family has lived in the Lakes District for four generations.  I own a home, work, and play primarily in Area E. I have experience in local government which gives me insight into the procedures and processes involved in carrying out the wishes of Area E residents. I have extensive business experience which will help facilitate economic initiatives currently under way in Area E.  This includes communicating with the three local First Nations communities as well as the agricultural community. I will do this with transparency, honesty, and equality.

Steve Freeman

I seeking reelection so I can bring to completion the projects I have on-going; primarily the Chinook Community Forest, which is close to the public consultation component.  My platform includes fair honest open government, fair and equitable distribution of funds, approachable, personal phone number on all business cards, available any time and happy to step in and fight for my constituents when they require it.  I have enjoyed serving as your regional director this past term and hope with your support to continue into the next four years.

Steve Davis

rustee, including two years as board chair, I have worked hard to ensure that the many diverse voices in our district are recognized and valued. Some of the initiatives include – Historic first meetings with 9 of the 13 First Nations in the district; Inviting student representatives to give input by sitting at the board table; Increased support for our educators as they develop their professional skills to improve student learning. With a vision for our district as leader in improving learning through educational innovation.

Lynda Maertz

I am an experienced, pro-active trustee seeking re-election to continue my work as a committed voice for public education and an advocate for families. I’m a strong voice in local and district-wide decision-making for students and schools. I take a practical approach. We know that there will always be a need for increased funding and staffing, but our district should not be defined by these challenges.  Instead it should be defined by our willingness and ability to work together to overcome them in ways that keep the best interests of our students our top priority.

Marnie Phair

I am running for school district trustee for the following reasons – I care about education and the future of all children; I believe that we need to be creative with our current budget and in our allocation of funds to sustain a healthy educational environment; I will work to create a learning environment that is beneficial to all students regardless of academic level, social-economic status or race; I am committed to work diligently for this district.

Crystal Fisher

In a technologically advanced world, our children face so many more challenges than ever before. It is time that we step up our game. On Nov. 15, I ask you to vote for and excellence based education system. A system where we implement digital learning and embrace second language programs. I will work hard to balance our teacher’s needs with our students needs.

I will find solutions to our catchment area issues. My passion for public education will make me a strong voice for all of your concerns and ideas. Most importantly, I am “in it for the kids.”

Why is it important to vote?

When we vote, we choose the representatives who will make the laws and policies that govern how we live together.

The legitimacy of a government lies in the fact that it is elected. Low voter turnouts may call into question this democratic legitimacy.

While democracy involves much more than holding elections every five years, voting is a powerful way to send a message to governments and politicians. The more votes, the more powerful the message is. In other words, every vote counts.

Compared to other forms of political participation, voting does not require a lot of time or effort – in other words, it is one of the easiest ways to have a say in how your society is governed.