Burns Lake Comfor holds annual general meeting

Comfor’s first annual general meeting in two years is sparsely attended.

Burns Lake’s Community Forest Management Services Ltd. (Comfor) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) last Thursday, May 15 at the village offices.

A few members of Comfor, including Kerry Martin and Jim McCormack, were present at the meeting.

Although, the meeting was sparsely attended by the general public, and was kept very short, lasting less than five total minutes once the meeting was brought to order.

As well, not all of Comfor’s board of directors attended the meeting.

Mayor Luke Strimbold thanked outgoing board members for their services, as well as welcomed returning and new board members, during the meeting.

Comfor failed to appoint a new president to the board during the AGM.

When asked, Kerry Martin, operations manager for Comfor said, “to my understanding we would need full board attendance at the meeting to vote in a new president, and not all board members were present at the meeting last night.”