Level 3 EV charging station. (Video screenshot/Lakes District News)

Burns Lake Level 3 EV charging stations up and running

Level 2 charging station to be upgraded next year

The two Level 3 EV charging stations are now up and running in Burns Lake.

The new Level 2 will also installed in the downtown parking lot, beside the Level 3 stations however, until that happens, the current Level 2 charging station will also stay operational.

An upgrade to the existing Level 2 charging station is set to happen by Summer of 2021. This upgrade had been on the village’s agenda for a while.

The two 50 Kilowatt Level 3 BC Hydro chargers will not be free to use unlike the Level 2 charging station.

A single Level 3 machine costs $200,000 and under the agreement BC Hydro would be contributing $50,000 while the rest will come from federal grants. The charging station itself would not cost the village however, usage of the station would not be free, unlike the Level 2 charging station.

Mark Vejvoda charged his Tesla and reviewed the Level 3 charging stations on the first day of their opening on Dec. 12. He shared a video of his review of the location and the charging station capacity that Burns Lake will now be able to offer to tourists.

“Thank you Burns Lake, thank you B.C. Hydro; this is a very critical charger if you want to drive west from Prince George,” said Vejvoda in his video.