Burns Lake Rotary time capsule (Submitted photo/Lakes District News)

Burns Lake Rotary time capsule (Submitted photo/Lakes District News)

Burns Lake Rotary time capsule

Twenty-five years ago, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the village of Burns Lake, the Burns Lake Rotary club invited residents to contribute to a time capsule that would be opened at the 100th anniversary. It was buried at rotary park, in front of the College of New Caledonia.

Eight Burns Lake residents wrote letters to their loved ones, then buried the letters in the capsule along with others who contributed pictures, hats, flyers, commemorative travel mugs, and more, a plethora of memories. They sat almost forgotten for 25 years.

This year – 2023 – is the year it has been remembered and its contents will be shared.

Burns Lake has changed since 1998 and so have the circumstances of many people and businesses who lived in the village.

The rock that guarded the capsule for 25 years cracked and split as it was rolled away and the PVC pipe that was home to 42 priceless memories was pulled from the dirt. It didn’t give up its treasures without a struggle though. It took a small excavator and some sweat equity to pull it from the ground.

Some items were a little damp due to condensation but are currently sitting in silica to dry up and will be on site to view at the centennial celebrations, Aug. 17 to 20.

If you contributed an item to the capsule, you will be able to claim it at the centennial celebration welcome tent at Spirit Square. Even if you didn’t contribute to the capsule the items will be on view and it will be a trip down memory lane as you look at the pictures and view the memories past and even see how much you paid for a steak.

Owners of the personal letters will be contacted prior to the celebration, if possible, to claim their letter. Other items will be on view until the end of the celebration but can be picked up then. You will be asked for your name and contact information when claiming an item in case there might be more than one person wanting the same memorabilia.

Also, the rotary club has decided to collect items for a new time capsule that will be opened in 2048 – 25 years hence. If you would like to be included in the next time capsule, there will be a table available for contributions. The deadline for contributing will be Aug. 20 at the close of the celebrations. The capsule will be buried later.