CN siding extension in the works near Burns Lake

JJM contruction has been contracted to oversee railroad project just outside of town

CN railroads is in the process of completing a train siding extension, using construction company JJM Construction for all work involved in the project.

Mathieu Gaudreault, CN’s senior media relations advisor, told Lakes District News about the details of the railroad siding extension.

“We are currently extending the existing siding near Burns Lake, on our Telkwa subdivision from 6,400 ft. to 16,000 ft., in order to increase fluidity along the mainline, to and from Prince Rupert,” he said. “This project is anticipated to be finished by the end of the year.”

A JJM Construction representative on site said that the amount of people who were hired for the job is undisclosed.

Lakes District News can confirm however, that there are at least three bulldozers located on site, as well as other heavy equipment.

Gaudreault added that CN plans to have invested over $460 million in capital expenditure by the end of 2021 in B.C alone. The investment will go towards projects that will help to maintain the safety and efficiency of their operation.

In rail terminology, siding is a low speed track section that is distinct from the main line. Sidings are commonly used for stabling and storing, as well as loading and unloading railroad vehicles such as locomotives, railroad cars and coaches.

The location of the construction site is approximately 20-25 kms southeast of Burns Lake, right off of Hwy. 16.