Coastal Gaslink Pipeline to further advancements this summer

In its update for June, Coastal GasLink (CGL) has said it expects to have a busy summer with a continued increase in workers returning to the pipeline project.

At the end of May, CGL reported having a total of 1,627 workers across the pipeline. According to the interactive map on the company’s website, 238 of these workers are currently staying at the 7 Mile Lodge in the area south of Burns Lake to south of Houston which make up Section 6 of the pipeline.

“We report our workforce numbers monthly due to the continuous fluctuation of workforce numbers at each site or lodge. The best place to find up to date workforce information would be on our interactive route map—,” said CGL spokesperson Caroline Bleay in an email to Lakes District News.

The map on the company’s website indicates that as of the previous month, 17 per cent of the pipe had been installed in Section 6. Workers operating on Burns Lake are expected to restart mainline activities such as welding, trenching, backfilling, coating and controlled explosions as needed. To date, workers have cleared 99 per cent of the territory surrounding the pipeline’s route on Section 6.

According to the company’s map, workers of Section 7 operating on the area South of Houston to north Morice Lake have cleared just over three quarters of the territory. CGL expects workers to continue clearing and to commence grading and pipe installation over the summer. The pipeline company has accommodated 129 of the workers from Section 7 at the Huckleberry Lodge.

CGL’s monthly update reports that they have not had any positive Covid test results among their workforce since the beginning of June. The company introduced Rapid Antigen Diagnostic (RAD) testing towards the end of May as Covid cases began to decline among their staff. They have continued to offer first and second vaccine doses to all workers lodging at various locations across the pipeline.