Adam Schmidt is currently at the BC Children’s Hospital. (GoFundMe/Laurel Miller)

Adam Schmidt is currently at the BC Children’s Hospital. (GoFundMe/Laurel Miller)

Community comes together for a 15 year old Burns Laker admitted at BC Children’s hospital

A fundraising campaign to support the family is being run now

When 15 year old Adam Schmidt was taken to BC Children’s Hospital on Oct. 15, the family had no idea how serious things were for their son but family, friends and strangers have been coming together to raise funds to support the family.

On Oct. 15, Adam was transported to Prince George by an ambulance after he started losing weight and was in extreme pain. However, tests showed that a large mass was developing behind his liver and that he had very low hemoglobin levels. It was decided to immediately medivac him to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

At the hospital, a biopsy, an MRI and other tests were conducted that revealed an infection causing the mass and spots on his liver as well as an infectious blood clot in his liver that had extended toward his bowel limiting blood flow to the liver and bowel. On Oct. 21, doctors told the family that while Adam was showing signs of improvement, nothing much had changed.

“He is improving a lot. But nothing has changed too much in their [the doctors’] thinking other than they are thinking that the clot may be caused by an inflammation in his GI tract. This doesn’t change the treatment much for now,” said Ron Schmidt, father of the boy.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to raise money to help Adam and his family through this crisis. By Thursday last week, over $6,000 had been raised. To support the family and donate to the fundraiser, you can visit

Adam’s aunt Laurel Miller who has set up this Go Fund Me page, has also created an account where people can donate the money directly. The details of the account include CIBC branch under Jeannie Miller with a transit number 01050 for the account number 7642695. Miller is also going to open an account at the bottle depot.

The family was initially told that Adam will need to be monitored for at least three months however, that timeline might change depending on how he responds to the treatment.

“They still can’t give us a timeline but it won’t be three months and things may need to be tweaked here and there along the way but he is on the road to recovery,” said Schmidt adding that the family was very thankful to all their friends, family and even strangers who have been supporting them.

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist

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