Decker Lake students write to Santa

Collection of Christmas wishes addressed to the North Pole

Letters to Santa

Dear Santa Claus,

Do you know all of your reindeer names? Santa, all I want for Christmas is a Lego friends and to go to Olivia’s house! I have cookies for you. They are chocolate chip ones.

Love, Ariana R.

Dear Santa Claus,

I would love it if you can bring me a fidget spinner and a fidget pack with a fidget spinner pop it. Do you have a phone? Is Rudolph real? I really like Christmas. How many people are on the naughty list? How many people are on the nice list? Did you have a candy cane?

Love, Scarlet

Dear Santa Claus,

I can not wait for Christmas! I have some questions. One, how do your reindeer fly? Two, how do you get down my chimney? Three, how do you make sooo many presents in only a couple of days? At Christmas eve, when you are able to come to my house can you give me a LOL doll and LOL pet and a new phone?

Love, Anna BR

Dear Santa Claus,

This year I’m making some goodie bags for the reindeer. Do you know the Grinch? Santa, this year when you visit my house, I want some books and a copy of Nora the Arctic fox snow globe. I have two or three questions. What kind of cookies do you like? Also, how did you get your name? I like how kind you are. Two last questions. Do you know a snow man? Also do you know Jer that works at the North pole? Bye Santa Claus.

From Abby made with love!

Dear Santa Claus,

I miss you! Do your reindeer eat carrots? Do you think you can bring me a Frozen Lego set Please? What kind of cookies do you like? What’s your favourite animal, is it a fox, cat, dog or a frog? Do you know the Grinch?

Love, Olivia

Dear Santa Claus,

How many reindeer do you have? How many days until Christmas? When will you deliver presents? You have elves, right? You are the best. I would like a fox stuffy. I would also like to see you. Can I?

Love, Rhyle