Enbridge work reports false

Enbridge and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources deny that work has started on the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Reports to the Lakes District News that workers for Enbridge have said to be here digging tunnels for the Northern Gateway pipeline are false.

According to Northern Gateway’s manager of communications, Ivan Giesbrecht, reports of any tunnel work aren’t true.

“We are taking a measured and prudent approach to the project moving forward,” Giesbrecht said, “we have not begun construction.”

In fact, Enbridge cannot begin construction on its Northern Gateway pipeline project until it has met 113 of the 209 conditions place on the project by the National Energy Board.

Greig Bethel, Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources says that from July 2013 to Jan. 2014 the ministry approved a number of investigative use permits for such things as geotechnical surveys.

“The data collected by the proponent as a result of works authorized under the investigative use permits will provide necessary information for the proponent to finalize the route selection,” Bethel said.

Bethel further went on to state that before construction begins Enbridge will need to meet certain conditions.

“Enbridge needs to meet approximately 100 of the 209 conditions set by the National Energy Board Joint Review Panel and the Province’s five conditions before it can begin construction,” Bethel said.

It is anticipated by Enbridge that a timeline for the pre-construction conditions to be met is approximately 18 months.

The Northern Gateway pipeline was given approval by the federal government back in June.