Expect a white Christmas in Burns Lake

Cold weather will cause snow to linger, says meteorologist

Snow fall in the local area will be lower then normal this holiday season (File photo/Black Press)

Snow fall in the local area will be lower then normal this holiday season (File photo/Black Press)

It’s time to ask that age old question that comes about every year; will we have a white Christmas? Those who are bursting with holiday spirit are certainly hopeful, while those who have the unfortunate burden of shovelling probably aren’t as much.

According to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson though, this year could provide the best of both worlds. “I think what we’re looking for the Northern B.C. area between now and Christmas is below normal snowfall, but what snow we do get is going to be sticking around, so there’s a high probability for a white Christmas,” said Anderson.

“Expect temperatures in the area to be three to four degrees Celsius below average.”

Anderson says that it’s these lower temperatures that will prevent the snow from melting, causing it to stay on the ground longer. Though the snowfall is expected to be below normal, that doesn’t mean that it won’t come at all.

“The area should see some small storms that are on the fringes of larger storms down south, which will bring light flurries from time to time over the holidays,” said Anderson.

The reason for the weather conditions all have to do with the current jet streams, and which direction the air is coming in.

“The jet stream is going to be coming in a southern direction in from Alaska, which means it will carry the cool, dry air up north and bring it down to Northern B.C.. What also will happen as a result, is that jet stream will cut off the air coming from the pacific coast, which carries much more precipitation [snow and rain],” said Anderson.

In essence, you can expect a cold Christmas with a light layer of snow on the ground this year.

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