Feline Christmas miracle in Burns Lake

Local family has lost cat returned safe and sound

A Burns Lake family got quite the amazing Christmas gift this year. After over five months gone, a cat that had been missing was located and returned to its owner.

The cat, whose name is Charles, was found by a differnt local resident, who made a post on the Burns Lake Lost and Found Pets Facebook page, and connected with its family shortly after.

According to owner Kristine Sackney, surprised and relieved would be the best adjectives to describe her family’s emotions.

“We thought he was gone for good . We had searched around our property and down our road. We thought perhaps an owl had gotten him because he had dashed out the door around 11 p.m. or so when my spouse came home. We don’t leave the cats out at night. Then he wasn’t there in the morning so we started searching,”she told Lakes District News.

What makes the story even more improbable is that the cat had been found at Stearns Subdivision Road, located about 15 km east of Burns Lake. “It’s a 10 minute drive at least from our house, so quite a ways to travel for a small cat,” said Sackney.

For the entire family, having Charles back home and safe has made their holidays an extra special one. “It’s odd that he’s back at Christmas time. He was originally a Christmas present for my youngest son, so he’s been a Christmas present twice now,” said Sackney.

“It’s means a lot to have him home, he was really missed. He’s half his original weight and is still in survival mode, so hopefully he will adjust back to home life in a few weeks. It’s definitely emotional for our family and we’re so happy.”

Valerie Ingram from the Lakes Animal Friendship Society thinks that this great story could inspire people who are in similar situations. “Charles being returned should serve as a reminder out there to everyone looking for a lost animal to keep at it and not give up hope no matter what,” she told Lakes District News.

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