Rajesh, Mat and Krupa

Helping hand in Burns Lake for food bank

Pub n’ Tandoori Grill is temporally closed because of an ongoing staff shortage. Each month they were set to cook and donate 75 meals to the Burns Lake food bank, but because of their closure the Office Pub & Grill stepped up to the plate and cooked a meal for the food bank instead. “Because we are short staff our restaurant can not operate as I need a trained chef to cook at Tandoori, but I did not want to disappoint the community by not providing food so we made them dinner from my other establishment the Office Pub and Grill,” said owner Babbi Singh. Singh has also donated meals to the community on several other occasions in the past, including all the schools in Burns Lake. (L-R) chef Rajesh, Mat, head chef and manager of the Office Pub & Grill and Krupa. (Laura Blackwell photo/Lakes District News)