Amy Hanson from Burns Lake. The girl in the pink/red is Julia Meyer from Smithers. The girl in the grey/green is Dana Gardner from Fort St James. (Amy Hanson photo/Lakes District News)

Hitting the powder

Amy Hanson from Burns Lake, Julia Meyer from Smithers and Dana Gardner from Fort St James got together to go snowmobiling last month. While several snowmobile-enthusiasts are still waiting for more snow, these three girls, part of a group called She-Riderz, that connects ladies from all over the world, were already out and about. “Being able to get out and ride through all the craziness lately makes me so grateful to live where I do. Releasing the stress and worries and getting some much needed social time is a definite highlight to my week. We have to do things a little differently, like taking our own vehicles rather than carpooling with a buddy, or avoiding the various warm up shelters where people used to congregate, but that’s not enough to keep me away. Being a long time member of the Burns Lake Snowmobile Club, I really hope to see our member numbers grow this year with how many people will be sticking close to home and exploring their own backyards more this winter,” said Hanson. (Amy Hanson photo/Lakes District News)


Amy Hanson from Burns Lake already snowmobiling. (Amy Hanson photo/Lakes District News)