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House fire in Burns Lake

Community coming together to support family

The Burns Lake Fire and Rescue Department (BLFD) was called to a house fire on the morning of April 21, just east of Burns Lake.

The BLFD was called at 9:15 a.m. yesterday morning (April 21) for report of smoke coming from a house. No injuries caused by the fire because no one was home at the time. We had the fire knocked down in about 20 minutes, and the total overhaul took about two hours. The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this point,” Burns Lake Fire Chief Rob Krause told Lakes District News.

The structure of the house is still mostly in tact, though the interior has sustained significant damage. In the wake of the fire, the community has come together to support the owners of the house, Kelly and Trevor Lindaas, who lost most of their belongings.

Burns Lake resident Kristina Ray is spearheading fundraising efforts for Kelly and Trevor, who also have two children.

“Family has always been the most important things in our lives. We were raised to always put our family first. We stopped in at Aksenz to get Kelly Lindaas some clothing. Kelly Holiday’s big heart and love for our community shown through in the moment. She made sure that Kelly Lindaas had everything she would need to continue working. Including clothing and cosmetics to help Kelly Lindaas feel her best in this time of tragedy. She had the idea to partner with me to start this fundraiser for the kids. These kids lost their normal and no child should have to go without,” Ray told Lakes District News.

“Donations of clothes and toys can be dropped off at Aksenz Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. A donation account will be set up at Bulkley Valley Credit Union in Burns Lake starting Monday afternoon (April 25) for cash donations as well,” she continued.

The response from the community, as one would expect, has been an out pour of support. Ray posted about the fundraising idea on Facebook, and received close to 50 responses in under 24 hours of people offering to donate clothes and toys.

“We’re beyond thankful. There are literally no words, it’s just phenomenal. It’s amazing the support we’ve received and were very fortunate to live in this community,” Kelly Lindaas told Lakes District News.

In terms of immediate needs, she says that clothes are a priority at the moment. “My husband is 6’6, so it’s hard to find clothes that fit him,” she said. “Our kids also need clothing as well, so I’d say clothes and shoes are important right now,” she said.

The kids’ clothing sizes are 4t and 3t.

“Growing up here there has been so many times our community has pulled together. That was a huge reason I moved my husband and family back here. The small town supportive atmosphere is what keeps us all here. The support this community has given the Lindaas family is just absolutely incredible,” said Ray.

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The damage sustained from the house fire, which occurred on the morning of April 21. (Eddie Huband photos/Lakes District News)

The damage sustained from the house fire, which occurred on the morning of April 21. (Eddie Huband photos/Lakes District News)