Is your house pet safe this holiday season?

Safety tips, advice and more to ensure pets have a happy holiday too

Goomba in front of the Christmas tree. (Lyssa McDonald photo/Lakes District News)

With festive days ahead, while humans are caught up in the tinsel and trees, there are some things that pet owners could do to ensure a pet-safe holiday. B.C. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) lists a number of ways to have a pet-safe holiday.

Christmas tree and decorations

Pet owners are urged to keep their trees well-guarded and protected, with decorations out of their pets’ reach. Simple changes like using strings instead of hooks to hang decorations, using non-breakable decorations, placing decoration much above paw height, keeping cords away and out of reach, can keep pets safe.

Food care

Wanting to share the delicious human food with your pets is understandable but must be avoided and instead the regular diet for pets should be maintained according to SPCA.

While food substances like chocolates and ice creams are unhealthy for pets, some food items like pet candy with dyes in it, could be outright dangerous. Poultry bones could end up splintering and causing serious internal injury, intestinal blockages or lacerations. And even though keeping pets away from garbage might be routine, keeping an extra eye out for this during the hustle bustle of holidays is crucial.

Dangerous plants

While a plant like mistletoe might hold romantic notions, it is outright poisonous for pets according to the website. Other plants like holly, ornamental pepper and Christmas rose are also poisonous and in fact some pets could also be extremely sensitive to Poinsettias.

Gifting guide

While keeping the decor, the ribbons and the wrapping paper out of your pets’ reach are a few basics, SPCA reminds pet owners to think twice before buying toy gifts for pets. Small or soft toys that could easily be swallowed must be avoided, they say.

Lakes Animal Friendship Society in Burns Lake, also had some suggestions to make sure pet-owners think about their pets’ safety this holiday season.

“Basically, the consensus is, keep tinsel and lights up, and away from animals, so they don’t eat them, or get tangled. Watch out for treats that are loaded with dyes, rawhide is actually just best to avoid at all times, because it is slippery, and easy to choke on, and not easy to pull out! Poinsettias are very poisonous, as well as most Lilly plants, so good to avoid as well. Don’t give dogs turkey or chicken bones, they can splinter and become lodged in their digestive tract,” said a representative with the society.

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist

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