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Japanese biker welcomed at The Office Pub Grill

Daisuke Muto said, “Canadians are unbelievably nice”

As far as world travelers goes The Office Pub & Grill, in Burns Lake is meeting a lot of them so far this summer.

Daisuke Muto, 28, is from Tokyo, Japan and he stopped at the pub last week to use the wifi. Muto is living his dream and is biking around the world. He landed in Anchorage, Alaska on May 23, and he like other long distance bikers pedals 80-100 kilometers a day.

The trip will take him seven years to complete. He will go back to Japan once a year for one month to regroup. He will do repairs his bike, see his family and work a short time for his company, who is helping financially.

His mother had said no to the trip but Muto said he would not quit bugging her until she gave in and eventually she agreed to let him go.

He said Canadians are unbelievably nice. His stop in Burns Lake was especially nice. Mat, [Matheshu] Nagaraj manager and executive chef at The Office Pub & Grill extended a generous hand to Muto.

After speaking with Muto a short time, Nagaraj learned that Muto was on a budget of $100 per month, Nagaraj said, “How does one person even eat on $100 a month, he wanted to order a bowl of rice.” Instead Nagaraj made him a delicious meal [on the house]. Then arranged with Babbi Singh, owner of the pub to also give him a comfy bed to sleep in, a hot shower and a place to wash his clothes. The next day Nagaraj packed more food for his onward journey.

Muto said, “You can get use to such friendliness but u can’t rely on it.” He went on to say he was humbled by the generosity he experienced from Nagaraj and the staff at The Office Pub & Grill. He added everyone in Canada has been so nice to him as recalled one day he was biking up a very steep hill and was pedaling very slow and a motorist pulled up beside him and said ‘Are you OK?’ He laughed graciously and waved. He said he is scared every day because of wildlife, traffic and the new experiences but he is also excited, “My dream is all natures and cultures, feeling it all.”

After biking every day, Muto posts on his Instagram and sends pictures back to his company of the all the wildlife he encounters.

When he gets to Vancouver he will stay with a friend for five days and take a break from his journey and go sight seeing.

Muto has a budget of $56,000 for the entire seven year trip. Part of the money was a sponsorship from the company he works from money her earned.

If you want to follow him on in Instagram @cycle_earth.