Kindness kits for Burns Lake students

All material produced by the Lakes Animal Friendship Society

The Lakes Animal Friendship Society (LAFS) is doing their part to promote literacy among the younger generation, by putting together a kindness kit initiative to deliver educational books about animal treatment to students and teachers throughout the Lakes District.

Debra Glover, a volunteer for the LAFS, along with the staff from the Burns Lake Public Library put together each kit, which contain fun and friendly materials that focus on animal care, compassion and safety. All the materials published by the LAFS.

“This is an extension of student education programs we have had in place for over a decade. We are promoting animal care, compassion and dog bite safety, with benefits to the animals, their families and the community at large. As the introductory letter says, we are trying to make our community a kinder place for all,” said LAFS Board Member Alistair Schroff.

The project was funded by LAFS donors, as well as sponsors and grants.

According to the LAFS, half of all children are bitten by a dog by age 12, often by the family dog or a friend’s dog. More than a quarter of all home insurance claims are related to dog bites, so safety and responsible pet guardianship are good for everyone.

Through these materials, children are meant to develop an understanding of the needs of animals and their feelings, relate these to themselves and develop their social and emotional skills.

“We have seen the impact of the educational program directly in our community. Since we started our education program, along with additional supports for care [spaying/neutering, food, and shelter] of animals from lower income families, dog bites of children reported to the local hospital emergency room have been cut in half,” the LAFS stated in a newsletter about the project.

“We hope that our comprehensive kit provides a fun and interesting way for these topics to be covered in schools and at home where the whole family can enjoy them,” Schroff told Lakes District News.

The kits were put together on Jan. 3 and 4, and distributed to schools in the area on Jan. 7 in preparation for the start of the new semester.

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