Lakes District Museum society nominated for provincial award

The BC Museums Association announced last week that the Lakes District Museum Society is one of several provincial arts and culture organizations nominated for a 2021 award of merit.

The society, which operates the Lakes District Museum in Burns Lake, is being recognized for the work its members and staff have done in the past four years to engage the community through social media. In 2018, the society established a Facebook page and began posting short stories and photographs from its archives. Today, these posts reach more than 100,000 people annually in approximately a dozen countries around the world.

Residents past and present have been encouraged to share their stories through Facebook, sparking an online dialogue that has rejuvenated interest in the Lakes District’s colourful past.

The museum society faces stiff competition. The list of nominees for this year’s BC Museums Association awards of merit includes the Barkerville Heritage Trust, the Chilliwack Museum & Archives, The Exploration Place, and Haunted History BC. More information is available at 2021 BCMA Awards Nominees – BCMA (

“It’s an honour to be nominated for a provincial outstanding achievement award,” said Cameron Hart, secretary of the Lakes District Museum Society. “Social media has helped us connect with others who share our belief that local history matters, and we look forward to continuing to expand our online presence in the future.”