LDSS Mountain Bike team. (LDSS photos/Lakes District News)

LDSS Mountain Bike team. (LDSS photos/Lakes District News)

LDSS Mountain Biking team back from Provincials

The LDSS Mountain Biking team just returned from Provincials in Langford. They competed on May 27.

Thirteen students from Lakes District Secondary Scholl participated. There were 400 racers from all over the province in attendance.

Grade 8/9 completed two laps which is approximately 7km, of the cross-country and two courses of the enduro which is approximately 6km.

Grades 10-12 completed four laps, approximately 13 km, of the cross-country loop and three courses of the enduro, approximately 10km.

Coach and teacher, Patti Dube said, “The courses were demanding and we had a few crashes but the kids had fun. We are very proud of the students considering our trails weren’t open for them to train on before they competed at the Provincial championships.”

More results are as follows:

Grade 9 boys

Walker Green- Enduro- 48th/ 70 and cross-country-38/70

Justin Derksen-Enduro- 41st/70 and cross-country-60/70

Garde 11/12 girls

Nicole Hamp- Enduro- 6th/ 12and cross-country-7/12

Maddy Philip-Enduro-8th/12 and cross-country-11/12

Rebekah Leith- Did not Start and cross-country-12/12

Grade 10 girls

Laurie Wilson- Enduro -10/10 and cross-country-10/10 (with a mechanical issue)

Grade 10 boys

Jesse Hill- Enduro- Did not finish (was having a fast time until he had a crash) and cross-country-28/44

Grade 11/12 boys

Keaton Hill-Enduro-34/85 and cross-country-43

Jeffrey Reynolds-Enduro 74/85 and cross-country-73

Jordin Tibbetts-West-Enduro 66/85 and cross-country-74

Brody Green- Enduro 58/85 and cross-country-Did not finish- mechanical