Residential Building Maintenance Worker Students. (Submitted/Lakes District News)

Maintenance workers course through BLNDC, CNC and ITA in Burns Lake

Burns Lake Native Development Corp. (BLNDC) has a cohort of eight Residential Building Maintenance Worker Program students in partnership with the College of New Caledonia and ITA (Industry Training Authority). The program idea which was conceived by John Patrick and his late mentor Linda Johnnie while under the employ of the Lake Babine Nation has finally been realized through efforts by Patrick, BLNDC’s Manager Chantal Tom and CFO Ed Clayton. “I felt the Building Maintenance Worker program would be the ideal program that could, finally, help our First Nations communities with the problems in our housing, because it covers such a wide range of disciplines that are desperately needed. Not only will it teach our members carpentry, but also how to repair drywall, roofing issues, repair and maintain plumbing, maintenance and installation and many others, in effect, becoming the jack-of-all-trades,” said Patrick, adding that they are now working with the Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment Training Association (PGNAETA) to see about getting the students Level 2 of this program. (Submitted/Lakes District News)