Ms. Erickson’s grade 4/5 class volunteering at the Link. (Jesse Fairley photo/Lakes District News)

Ms. Erickson’s grade 4/5 class volunteering at the Link. (Jesse Fairley photo/Lakes District News)

Morris Williams Elementary School wins a $1,000 grant

Participated in the virtual Spirit of Healthy Kids program

Morris Williams Elementary school (MWES) is the latest winner of a grant from a contest called Spirit of Healthy Kids school program.

“Students kept track of their daily activity, reading and healthy habits for two weeks. All students from K to Grade 7 participated. We were delighted to hear that our school has won a grant worth $1,000 and free tickets for all students and staff to a PG Cougars game,” said Susan Russell, the PE teacher with MWES.

The contest which was put up by the Prince George Cougars, Northern Health and Spirit of North Healthcare Foundation, has announced its latest round of winners and MWES has won $1,000 in grant.

“We are super happy that the Morris Williams Elementary participated and we know that they are planning on using the money towards a school gardening program to inculcate healthy eating habits and such. We just think it is tremendous use of the money and we are so happy to support them,” said Prince George Cougars’ Vice President, Andy Beesley.

The school will be using the grant money it received for gardening — raising beds, soil and gardening tools.

“Since taking part in this contest, the school has launched its own month long walking challenge and has been gardening at the LINK community garden. The staff at the school are so proud of our students being so active, making healthy choices and giving back to their community!” said Russell.

This year there were a total of six schools that were awarded the grants, with one winning the grand prize. While the schools have been notified of their awards, the details on the winning schools will be released for the public, later this week.

Beesley told Lakes District News that the Prince George Cougars had been doing this program for many years for schools in Prince George but last year, they decided to expand it.

“It has been remarkable. We decided last year to turn it into a regional program covering the entire Northern Health region and we had dozens of schools participate,” he said.

“We thought it was really important that we help support families dealing with COVID and give them some positive, healthy messages, to not just talk to them but practice some of these healthy ideas on their own.”

The winning schools will be able to attend one cougars game this Fall or Winter, depending on the travel restrictions, however, the grant will be immediately accessible.

“It has been wonderful to see all the students becoming more active. We have seen not just the students, but the staff and families enjoying outdoor activities. The students are really proud of themselves and they are excited to start gardening at school and see a PG Cougars game next winter,” said Russell.

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist

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