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New fire hall renovation project will be complete within $3.4 million

Western Industrial Contractors Ltd. is awarded to complete the project
Western Industrial Contractors Ltd. design of the new Fire Hall renovation project (Submitted illustration/Lakes District News)

Burns Lake Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department and the Village of Burns Lake council have decided to award Western Industrial Contractors Ltd. the contract for design and construction of the new fire hall.

Last year on June 29, Sheryl Worthing, the CAO of the village said, the former Moonlight building at 141 Highway 35 has been acquired to renovate the new fire hall. The total cost for this acquisition was $485,000.

On July 18 at the council meeting, a request for proposal to design, build and renovate the new fire hall has been brought forward.

Two designs were submitted and received on June 6. One from Western Industrial Contractors Ltd. costing $2,790,000, another from Datoff bros. construction costing $3,394,000.

After careful considerations, Director of Protective Services and Fire Chief Rob Krause said to council, Western Industrial Contractors Ltd. received the highest point when staff was reviewing the two submissions using a grid system to allocate points for specific areas of qualifications.

He said, Western Industrial Contractors Ltd.’s design meets the total budget approved by council which is $3.4 million, of which $3.1 million is coming from a Federal and Provincial grant.

Although, the contractors’ proposal does not include paving the parking lot. As a requirement of the development permit it is required to complete that work but it is anticipated to be done within the allocated budget.

The estimated budget for the completion of paving and landscaping will cost a maximum of $350,000.

There is a section of the parking lot that currently does not have any pavement and requires paving for public and firefighters parking. It is budgeted at $130,000 for the completion of this portion which is as per the requirements of the development permit.

Krause said, “At this time it is estimated that we will have sufficient funds to complete these renovations.”

Once all the final design drawings are drawn and submitted, permits will be issued.

The current fire hall on 3rd ave is 50 years old, and the new building was built in 2008, which is only 15 years old. The exiting hall also has a number of deficiencies from a health and safety aspect. Part of the renovations required will be to make the building suitable for a modern fire department.

The new hall is approximately 30 per cent larger. A new training room and locker areas are part of the renovations. Locker space will increase from 32 lockers to 40, to accommodate future growth of the fire hall.

It is capable of housing all the fireman equipment necessary to fight and suppress the fire.

The new fire hall will be completed in the year 2024.

At press time Lakes District News was unable to confirm what will happen with the old fire hall.