Painted Rock

Newly painted rock at the start of old Tahtsa Road

Brad Thompson and his wife Wendy, along with their two kids and three grandkids, brushed out and re-painted the local landmark at 48 km on the Morice Owen Road during the Aug. 1 holiday weekend. It was a full circle moment for the Thompsons as they were the same family that re-painted the rock back in 2002, and they used the original colours and original design from the previous paint job. Prior to that, a youth corps group had done it in the late 70s. In the mid 70s, Harold Hiltz of the IPSFC Nadina river spawning channel made and installed the new crown. The original was a cut up wash basin. It was originally painted by Joe Hendricks of Francois Lake in the early 50s. Brad is still trying to collect more history, and if anyone has any other information on the rock, please contact him at Nadina Lake Lodge. (Brad Thompson photo/Lakes District News)