No parking means no parking

No parking means no parking


What’s in a Sign?

It appears that there are a very large percentage of people that have absolutely no idea. I wonder at times what is the sense of even having them at all. Well for those of you whom don’t know let me share..they have information on them to inform, guide and protect you. To keep things in some sort of order..some are even painted with bright distinguishing colours to warn you of danger..

To obtain a class 5 or 7 drivers license you must know the signs or at least a few of them. And you must obey them when you’re learning to drive and if you don’t obey them during your ICBC road test you will Fail the test.

’m curious why does that seem to be the only time the signs mean anything. I’m concerned about the parking at the mall..not because of the room or availability because there is an abundance..usually kept clean and plowed..and access within a very short walking distance to four separate entrances…then someone tell me please, why you find it necessary to park right in front of the mall where the sign says No Parking and Fire-Lane and No Idling.

There is handicapped parking at every entrance so that’s not an excuse. If there is an emergency or an event, and we know from past experience they can happen, wouldn’t it be nice to know the first responders could get access to the victims. But my second question is whom is monitoring these signs..should there not be someone that enforces these signs which are actual laws..where does the responsibility lye.

The last time I was at the mall there was three large pickup trucks parked there, two were vacant and one was a diesel running just beside the front entrance. It was single lane traffic only because of these vehicles.

Come on people..use your head for something besides hangin your hat on.


Sam Moroski