Paving in Burns Lake

Paving in Burns Lake

LB Paving be awarded the contract for the 2022 Village of Burns Lake paving project.

Dale Ross, Director of Public Works reported that only two tenders were received and prices are about 25 -30 per cent higher than 2021.

Staff are asking council to consider paving Center Street instead of patch paving the sidewalk area. Roumieu Drive was discussed, and pulverizing is an option that would allow for grading.

Council also discussed patching on Fifth Avenue, fixing the potholes on Gilgan Drive and that pulverizing is the best option at this time for Roumieau Drive.

Council also supported the revision of the 2022 paving project which included Center Street paving from First Avenue to Ninth Avenue and Roumieau Drive.

Sheryl Worthing, Village of Burns Lake CAO said, “We’ll just do patching this year [on Government Street]. Definitely plan to do something to Government Street but there are a few other factors to consider. Hopefully next year.”

Funds of up to $282,000 will be allocated from the Comfor reserve for the revisions to the 2022 paving project budget.

LB Paving will be here in June to complete the Lake Babine Nation paving project.