Pipeline Employee pledges donation to Burns Lake Dog Park


Cara Bland, who works on the Coastal Gaslink pipeline project as a lead coating inspector is showing that she’s a true dog lover by pledging $250 per month to the MacEwen Dog Park in Burns Lake for as long as she is stationed in the community.

Bland has two dog named Mustache and Jordie that live with her parents in Alberta three weeks a month.

“If I can’t be home with my dogs I want to be able to make a difference in the community that I am currently calling home,” said Bland.

“This is such a generous gesture, and much needed,” dog park committee member Lynn Synotte told Lakes District News. “Our volunteer committee must cost recover on-going maintenance costs.”

According to Synotte the Village of Burns Lake pays CN Rail for the lease for the property, the hydro for the lights and assists with many maintenance concerns, such as grass cutting and garbage pickup. Other costs are for a maintenance person who works three hours per week, as well as items such as waste bags, materials for repairs, and paint.

Synotte also told Lakes District News that the committee is planning to use part of Bland’s donation to buy another waste digester, as the use of the current two digesters is beyond their capacity.

“I am extremely happy to be helping out your community and thank you so much for providing me an opportunity to make a difference,” said Bland.