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PODCAST: Healthy Renovations: Building above code to improve livability

TODAY IN BC: HAVAN’s podcast ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’

You will find “Measure Twice, Cut Once” podcasts on iTunes, Spotify and Google podcasts.

Join Mike and Jennifer-Lee of Measure Twice, Cut Once and get the scoop on healthy, high-performance renos.

Renovating with purpose and lifestyle in mind creates interesting challenges when looking to achieve high-performance energy-efficient levels in your home.

Sharing a great character home renovation project, award-winning builder/renovator Henri Belisle, president of TQ Construction, and homeowner Dr. Janet Simons share their strategies, including personal choices, and a well-planned design to achieve the family’s goals.

‘Personal choices are important when you’re building a house. We decided we didn’t want to buy a whole gas furnace, and so, we ended up using the hot water system as our backup for the heat pumps. The hot water is coming off our on-demand heating system, which is gas powered. Gas in our house makes sense even in a high-performance energy efficient home, as a personal choice, as well as just the overall design of the house,’ says Dr. Janet Simons, homeowner.

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