Public library gets provincial money for COVID relief

Across B.C., $8 million is being provided

Burns Lake Public Library

The Burns Lake Public Library is getting just under $32,000 from a one-time infusion from the provincial government of $8 million going to libraries across the province.

Of the $31,682.31 coming to the library, $23,761.73 is for COVID-19 relief and recovery and $7,920.58 is for emergency planning and preparedness.

“Libraries can use this new funding to enhance services and fill gaps created by the pandemic. This may include adapting their physical spaces, delivering computer and virtual technology training, and developing programs that help people build deeper social and community connections,” stated a May 18 press release from the provincial government.

The release indicated money could be used to boost air circulation, add programming, and expanded digital collections.

The money is being distributed between 71 public libraries, six library federations and three library service partners.

In the northwest, public libraries are gathered the Northwest Library Federation and it is receiving $35,500.

This one-time grant for provincial libraries is separate from the provincial annual grant program which last year provided $14 million to help finance operations.