RCMP says lock your vehicles

Burns Lake had nine motor vehicle thefts reported in 10 days.

Burns Lake resident Janiece Smoyer lives on Ninth Avenue. After hearing that some of her neighbours had their cars broken into, she doesn’t feel as safe as she used to where she lives.

“I have concerns living where I do, as I live alone,” she said. “I never used to have my door locked when I was home, but now you bet I do.”

According to the Burns Lake RCMP, during the first 10 days of November there were nine reports of motor vehicle thefts in Burns Lake, almost one a day.

“In almost all these cases, the vehicles were left unlocked and miscellaneous items were stolen,” said Corporal Terry Gillespie with the Burns Lake RCMP.

Gillespie said the number of motor vehicle thefts so far in November is considerably higher compared to previous months. He explained that although this kind of crime is not new to the area, the number of cases had dropped up until last month.

“We do have some theories on whom it might be [breaking into cars] but we have no evidence at this point,” said Gillespie.

The Burns Lake RCMP recommends that everyone lock the doors to their motor vehicles.