Remembering the great snowfall of ‘06

Some local pictures of the snow completely covering the entire town after the snowfall of 2006. (Gina Penner photos/Lakes District News)Some local pictures of the snow completely covering the entire town after the snowfall of 2006. (Gina Penner photos/Lakes District News)

The 15-year anniversary of the great snowfall of 2006 came and went in late October, so Village of Burns Lake councillor Kristy Bjarnason decided to reach out to the community via Facebook collect personal accounts of the storm.

Over 130 people commented on Bjarnason’s post, each with their own unique story from their experience of the snowfall, which began on Oct. 27, 2006. One topic that was consistent through the conversation though, was how the community came together and helped each other.

There were dozens and dozens of comments telling of instances where people helped fellow community members in any way they could.

“I remember driving kids home after the dance because their parents couldn’t get out of their driveways without shovelling first,” said Amy Dash. “At midnight I was getting snow off our neighbours fruit trees so the branches wouldn’t snap.”

“We had some amazing neighbours. Everyone helping each other shovel roofs and driveways. We had no power and heat,” Denise Cunningham commented on the Facebook post.

Cunnigham wasn’t the only person who spoke about power outages either, as many community members say they were without heat or electricity for days. “I couldn’t get put of my driveway for a week and no electricity for about the same. Many people had it worse,” said Jim Mowat.

“The power was off for a bit. My parents had a wood stove. My mom started to cook on the wood stove with pots and pans of food. Her stories came out about how her parents lived without electricity and cooked on a wood stove,” said Gracie Matthew.

Several people made reference to a school dance that was going on the evening when it started to snow, including Shelby Payne, who ended up with a very hungry house guest as a result. “My best friend was stuck at my house after a school dance for quite a few days, it was a blast. By the end I remember snacking on croutons because there were no good snacks.”

According to many of the responses, snowfall began on the Friday and went for over 36 hours. Some say they were stuck inside for over a week. As for specific amount of snow, it’s up for debate, according to Lakes District News records there was over three feet of snow for the weekend, but many residents believe there was well over 10.

Fifteen years removed from the storm now, here’s to hoping we don’t have to re-live it this year.

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