School district needs to communicate more

School district needs to communicate more


I am writing this letter as a concerned parent.

A proposal is before the Burns Lake schools to have school dismissed early every second Wednesday so that teachers and support staff can collaborate.

I see the importance and benefit of that. But it once again means that working parents have to look for childcare and students miss another three hours of school per month, on top of non instructional days. It’s ridiculous.

Apparently a meeting was held to discuss the collaboration proposal and only five parents out of all the schools in Burns Lake – where more than 500 students are enrolled – attended the meeting.

Why was this not publicized so that more parents could show up and voice their concerns or support?

No one knew about this meeting. As parents who work on the Southside – with one parent in the bush logging – it would have been difficult to attend even if we did know about it.

The school district should hold another meeting which all parents know about and can attend before the board passes any decision.

Jessi Jack