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Suspicious male offering rides to young people in Burns Lake

Public urged to immediately report any suspicious activity

Burns Lake RCMP have received complaints of a suspicious male offering rides to young people in the community.

On Christmas Eve, at approximately 5 p.m., the RCMP received a report of a person who had offered a ride to two young girls. It is believed that this same person offered a ride to a young man at 3 a.m. on Christmas Eve. He refused and there was no further conversation with the male.

The police were also told that on the previous day, Dec. 23, at 6:30 p.m., a male in a pickup truck approached two young girls outside a local restaurant and offered them a ride. The girls refused and the male left.

According to corporal Aaron Semmler, Burns Lake RCMP detachment commander, there have been no further reports of this nature since those dates.

The only vehicle description that the three people could provide is that it was a white GMC pickup truck. No plate was noted nor how old the vehicle may be. No description of the male could be provided.

Police are asking the public to immediately report any suspicious activity of this nature. The RCMP are also asking parents to ensure they talk to their children about strangers and never accept a ride from someone they do not know.

There is still much debate over the exact number of women who have gone missing along the stretch of Hwy. 16 commonly referred to as the Highway of Tears.

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While the RCMP says at least 18 women went missing or were murdered along Hwy. 16 and the adjacent Hwy. 97 and Hwy. 5 since the 1970s, many people living in northern B.C. believe that number could be higher.



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