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The Big Pig is finally here

The Big Pig will kick start with kids event on Friday, Sept. 22
A mountain biker going downhill on Hogzilla bike trail in preparation for the Big Pig event at Boer Mountain on Sept. 13. (Saddman Zaman/Lakes District News)

The long awaited Big Pig is finally here. Ride Burns announced on their social media that the event will be happening on Sept. 22 to 24.

“This Big pig event is open now, so get a head start. See how close you can get to riding, hiking, running or walking 100 kilometers of our trails,” Ride Burns said.

The recent wildfires around Burns Lake delayed this big event from happening earlier this year.

Some of the trails were damaged from the fire guard which have been fixed with the help of volunteers and members of Ride Burns.

Almost all the trails are open except for Razorback and NKDF to Kager Lake.

“They have been worked on so the guards are safe to cross,” said Patti Dube President of Ride Burns.

Right now, Ride Burns have no calculative amount in dollars for the damages that happened to the trails. “I have no idea the dollar amount,” Dube said.

They are yet to receive any compensation for repairing the trails on Boer Mountain.

“Nothing yet. I have not received any communication,” said Dube.

According to Ride Burns social media page there will be five events including a kids event to kick start the Big Pig along with Centennial Sounder, Dante’s Inferno, Enduro, Youth Downhill and Wilbur’s Wheelay race on Friday, Sept. 22.

The Big Pig event will end on Sunday, Sept. 24 at noon.

All registration forms and track sheets for the races are available at Burnt Bikes shop.