The Link pet bank food in Burns Lake gets grant

Humane Canada sending funds to help with pet food

The Link’s pet food bank received a grant of $7,500 from Humane Canada. (File photo/Lakes District News)

The Link’s pet food bank received a grant of $7,500 from Humane Canada. (File photo/Lakes District News)

According to a Facebook post, the Link Food Centre’s pet food bank received a grant from Humans Canada.

“We have received notification that we were successful in our grant application for $7,500 from Humane Canada for our Pet Food Bank,” said food centre Manager Candice Little. “This money will be coming by the new year, and will be used exclusively for purchasing and shipping pet food to our food centre for distribution to clients in need.”

Little told Lakes District News that The Link is partnered with the Lakes Animal Friendship Society , who works to provide donated food to for distribution, but these donations are often in short supply. “This new funding will allow us to provide consistent pet food supports to families in the Lakes District,” she said.

“It will definitely enhance the partnership we have with The Link,” said Lakes Animal Friendship Society representative Alistair Schroff.

“We have been partners with The Link for close to a decade now, increasing their access to pet food. Historically their donations were not even close to keeping up with demand from the majority of food centre clients who have pets.”

Schroff went on to say that where they can, they work with volunteers who gather pet food donations in the Lower Mainland. “For these donations, The Link administers the program so they can get what they need, when they need it. We support the administration, and the shipping costs for donations.”

The problem though, is that there aren’t always enough donated food supplies available. According to Schroff, cat food is always in short supply, so generally has to be purchased.

“Of course the flood situation caused us all sorts of problems in sourcing food. The funds from Humane Canada will fill the gaps, and make sure that the furry family members have full bellies through the winter and beyond. We are very grateful that Humane Canada has stepped up with this support,” said Schroff.